Saturday, March 10, 2012

Vegan Red Velvet Cupcakes

Vegan Red Velvet Cupcakes
New cupcake time! This past weekend my cousin was visiting from Arizona, and she's vegan, so I decided to do a cupcake that she could try. There are so many vegans these days that it was really easy to find a vegan cupcakes online. I got the recipe from the Mac & Cheese blog. It's not a completely vegan website, but the recipe for this cupcake didn't seem to hard. And after I double checked with my cousin, it was approved for her vegan diet.

We actually had almost all of the ingredients at the house already. Just had to take a trip to re-up our normal baking supplies (sugars and flour) and buy Soy Milk, and then took Kaitlin (my cousin) with me to Trader Joe's to help me figure out what the best vegan cream cheese and margarine was, both for the frosting. For the margarine, I bought Earth Balance. The cream cheese was really interesting, and luckily I had Kaitlin there to help me. All it says on the label is "THIS IS NOT A TUB OF CREAM CHEESE. THIS IS A TUB OF NON-DAIRY SPREAD." Yes, in all caps like that. I appreciate it's honesty and yelling. I would of never found this tub if my cousin hadn't worked at Trader Joe's before. I've never tried Soy Milk or vegan cream cheese before, and both were surprisingly really good.

I made 12 cupcakes, and 12 different people tried them. Even people who were skeptical about it being vegan liked them. I had 12 really good reviews. Everyone said they'd try them again, and my cousin said it was one of the best vegan cupcakes she's ever had. She took one back with her on the plane for her roommate. This recipe will now be my 'go to' for any event I'm going to that may have some vegans at it. I was very impressed.

The recipe calls for 2 whole oz of red food coloring. So I added a lot of red food coloring to it, but definitely not 2 oz worth.
Ended up being a good red color, I'd say. 
The icing was surprisingly delicious! :)

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