Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lemon Cupcakes with Blackberry Frosting

Lemon Cupcakes with Blackberry Frosting
This week I wanted to do something a little different than I'd been doing. I went with a light fruity flavor instead of another heavy chocolate cake. Kind of my way of bringing on the summer. We all need that to happen soon! I looked at a bunch of different fruity cupcakes, but a lot of them wanted me to make a curd, and I don't know that I'm ready for that step in my cupcake relationship. Maybe one day ;) The best cupcake recipe (and easiest for my sake) I could find was at All Recipes. I pretty much just searched Pinterest for lemon and blackberry cupcakes and this is the one everyone recommended. 

This was the best cupcake I've made to date. Everyone liked it and everyone wanted another one immediately. I wish I'd made more! I only made 12 this time, since I almost always have so many cupcakes left over. That was a mistake. Never tell a hungry person there are none left. 

The one thing I had some trouble with was finding blackberry jam without seeds in it. There was only one blackberry jam in the whole Jon's grocery store. It was in the international foods section, and it had seeds. Ugh. So I took a strainer to it and literally pushed the jam through with a spoon so it didn't have any seeds. It may not of been bad with seeds in it, but I absolutely hate seeds in my jam. So it was more for me than anything. I also just kind of guessed on the lemon juice and zest part. It says 1/2 a lemon for 12 cupcakes, eh. Mostly did the juice and zest to taste. I did learned how to correctly juice a lemon, though, so that's something!

If you need a quick, refreshing, light cupcake then you need this recipe! It's easy and delicious. And a huge hit! This will for sure be my go-to cupcake from now on.

The cake part of the recipe barely filled the liners. If you do end up splitting the recipe in half then it may only make 11 full cupcakes. I was a little disappointed in that part. Not sure how the 24 cupcakes recipe would turn out, though.
This was my strained blackberry jam. No seeds!
I added more red food coloring to the frosting so it was this pretty pink color. It was too little and dull without the food coloring. Just add the food coloring to your desire, though.
It didn't really say to buy blackberries for the garnish, but they look much better with them on top. And it's a nice little treat to start the cupcake. I heart blackberries.

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